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birds and pigeons removal

There are several bird species that are cause for concern when in close proximity to man, the main ones being Herring Gulls and feral pigeons, however increasingly Kittiwakes are causing problems on buildings in coastal towns, other birds such as Starlings can also be problematic.

 Birds of all kinds can be found nesting in and on commercial buildings and homes. We provide a service that can help rectify this, as we know what damage and mess they can cause.  

If birds are nesting on your chimney/roof or tucking up under a loading bay canopy, we can provide a proofing solution to prevent this. Or if pigeons are living under your solar panels, we have the solution. So, it is best to prevent nesting or roosting sites rather than constantly trying to clean the bird guano in and around your building. If you are having problems with birds, give us a call and we can come and complete a site survey and decide the best course of action and give you a free quotation.  PEST-TECHS will help in any way we can whist adhering to the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981.

Why should I worry about birds? 

• Bird droppings can carry many diseases such as listeria, ornithosis and E-coli and can be transmissible through close contact.  

• Birds defecate heavily near nesting and roosting sites, this is corrosive to buildings, will damage metal work, and glass.  

• Birds' nests block drains and gutters, causing damage, overflowing and can lead to damp. 

• Birds can carry fleas, ticks, and mites.

• Nesting birds can be very aggressive when they feel threatened.

 What options do I have? 

• Bird netting. 

• Bird Spikes 

• Bird Wire 

• Bird Brush 

• Avi Shock

• Optical Gels