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flies pest control

Flies are often buzzing about but occasionally they become a more obvious pest than usual as their numbers may increase.

Having many flies about may be an indicator for another pest problem, such as rodents or having dead animals in the area, and calls for professional fly control increase significantly during the hotter months.

Why do I have flies in my property?

There are numerous fly species , from fruit flies to blue bottles cluster flies. We can remove all species of flies and help control their numbers.

A fly infestation can occur quickly as one fly can lay 500 eggs at a time. Flies often occur in places where there is a build up of fat or there are waste and plumbing problems. Pest-Techs expert fly control staff can definitely help eradicate any and all problems you have with flies in your immediate vicinity.

We can offer you a free survey and quote if you call us today.

How do I get rid of flies?

Drain flushing, sensible food storage, keeping food preparation areas clean and keeping waste areas clean are good ways to prevent fly infestations from occurring Pest-Techs expert can advice you on this.

If you already have fly issues in your premises then it is a good idea to ask the professionals to exterminate them as it is the most effective way to control their numbers.

Fly control top tips:

• Keep bins and waste storage areas clean, tidy and sealed.

• Electric fly killers are useful in the catering industry to keep flying insects under control.

• Ensure all plumbing is in good condition, fix those leaks and seal those cracks.

• Fly screens on doors and windows are a great way of keeping flying insects out of the premises your Pest-Techs expert can advice on this.

Looking for professional, effective and affordable pest experts ? If so, then you have come to the right place. As well as offering fly control services, we provide a variety of pest related options just call our number for a free survey and quote today.